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Contact: Matt Reilly, (916) 201-9636

FULLERTON, CA—The campaign of Assembly District candidate Sharon Quirk-Silva released the following statement from retired Los Angeles County Assessor Kenneth P. Hahn confirming that current Assemblywoman Young Kim improperly claimed a homeowner’s exemption she wasn’t entitled to, resulting in unpaid taxes and a property lien from the Orange County tax collector.

“I have been asked whether Assemblywoman Young Kim was responsible for unpaid taxes for 2013 and 2014.  The answer is undeniably yes,” said retired Los Angeles County Assessor Kenneth P. Hahn.  “It is a fact that Young Kim received the Homeowner’s Exemption for a home she was no longer living in.

“The law is clear. Failure to receive notice from the US Postal Service does not absolve an individual from paying their taxes.  A lien was appropriately placed on her home and the owed taxes were not paid until after they became a campaign issue.  As a former elected official myself, I know we are and should be held to a higher standard,” concluded Hahn.

“It's unfortunate that Young Kim still will not accept responsibility for her own mistakes,” said Quirk-Silva campaign consultant Matt Reilly. “It is pretty simple: If she didn’t owe the money, why did she pay up when she got caught?”

Hahn was the top property tax official in Los Angeles County from 1990-2000.