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Contact: Matt Reilly, (916) 201-9636

FULLERTON, CA—The campaign of Assembly District candidate Sharon Quirk-Silva called on her opponent, Young Kim, to explain her actions after Kim was caught red-handed on property taxes she owed for a homeowner’s exemption she illegally claimed.

The Kim campaign issued a statement earlier denying that Kim had ‘illegally claimed a homeowners’ credit,’ calling the accusation “false” and saying that “her property taxes are paid in full.”

Her campaign left out an important detail: Young Kim admitted owing yesterday when she finally paid up on her taxes —but only after the Quirk-Silva campaign pointed out her being a tax deadbeat to voters. Then, instead of simply paying up and admitting to the back taxes, issued false denials.

“She finally paid the tax bills…how can they possibly imply she’s innocent?!” said Quirk-Silva consultant Matt Reilly. “Fact: Young Kim claimed a tax break she didn’t deserve. Fact: She pocketed the money. Fact: She only paid up when she got caught.”

“The truth is Young Kim needs to stop pulling a ‘Donald Trump’ and come clean to voters on her taxes,” Reilly continued. “And she has more than just unpaid taxes to account for. Her official economic filings, signed under penalty of perjury, are either omitting income or she is lying to the IRS about what she earned.”

“The solution is simple: After 165 days since first being asked to release your taxes, stop stonewalling the voters of Orange County and show them what you have to hide.”